Hypnotherapy and Intuitive Counselling

Soulfully healing through mind, body and spirit.

Raven Forest, RTC

Raven is a certified Counsellor, Clinical  Hypnotherapist, Spiritual and wellness coach, Body talk Practitioner, Reiki master and has been a professional Clairvoyant and Psychic for the past 27 years. She also is an Akashic record reader and teaches courses on how to access your records. She also works telepathically with animals and outside of her intuitive healing abilities she is a fitness, nutrition and personal training specialist as well has worked a number of years in the medical field as a nurse and medical office administrator.

From an early age she has felt a connection to all things spiritual. In spite of hardship and trauma in her early years she was able to use her abilities to survive. It took her years to accept and come to terms with her gifts, but when she did, she felt the universe open up for her in a new and profound way. This has led her to search more intensely to further understand and develop her own spiritual nature and psychic abilities so that later she could help others. People are searching and striving passionately for happiness, for meaning in their lives, and for connection through spiritual experiences.

Raven’s aim is to reach out and teach others that they too have the resources and abilities to make profound changes in their own lives.