Radiant Life 

Naturopathic Centre

We are the premier Naturopathic clinic in the Kamloops and surrounding area, preventing and treating a myriad of health concerns.
Dr. Clayton Bostock, ND

Dr. Clayton Bostock, ND

Kelly Aiello, RHN

Kelly Aiello, RHN

Niki Coster, RMT

Niki Coster, RMT

Our Services

Intravenous Therapies

IV therapies are a fantastic way to increase energy, boost the immune system, improve mood and balance hormones.

Laboratory Testing

We offer standard lab tests, food sensitivity testing, hormone testing, genetic tests, SIBO breath tests and much more!

Fertility and Hormones

Fertility treatments include improving egg quality and implantation rates, optimizing sex hormones, improving blood flow to the pelvic organs and more.

Thyroid Health

Recent studies indicate that 1 in 10 Canadians suffer from a thyroid condition! we’ll help you to treat the cause of your symptoms


Does your child have eczema, ADHD, digestive challenges, anxiety or frequent illness? We will look for the cause of these symptoms.

Digestive Health

Gas, bloating, heartburn, constipation… Digestive symptoms are not only a bother but they affect many other body systems.

The Clinic

Providing Naturopathic and Nutritionist services in Kamloops, Radiant Life Naturopathic is a premier integrative clinic designed to provide you and your family with a relaxing and supportive healing space.

At Radiant Life Naturopathic, our knowledgeable practitioners take time to find the root cause of your symptoms.  Embracing a comprehensive approach to your health, our doctors will take your full medical history, perform a physical exam and order state-of-the-art laboratory testing.  Common tests include IgG food sensitivity testing, SIBO breath testing, urine or saliva hormone testing, genetic testing, antibody testing for chronic infections, as well as your standard laboratory tests.

Your treatment plan may include diet changes, lifestyle modifications, herbal medicine, supplements, prescription medications, acupuncture, injections and/or intravenous therapies. We offer the following IV nutrient treatments: Myers, high-dose Vitamin C, Ozone therapy, hydrogen peroxide, glutathione and customized vitamin/mineral formulas for fatigue, infection, anxiety/depression, migraines, muscle spasm and more.

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